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Testliner paper is used to make the outer layer of cardboard paper, distributed nationwide and overseas by Saigon Paper. We constantly make innovations, diversify packaging, rolls size and color to our industrial paper products to satisfy our clients best. Share:   Product Features Định lượng Basic weight (g/m2) ± 4% Độ bục Bursting strength (kgf/cm2) […]


Chipboard paper or flooring cardboard paper, is also a important line in the Saigon Paper’s industrial paper catalog. Chipboard paper rolls is popularly used for paper tube, tea can, pallet, clothes hanger, case lining … Product Features Basic weight  (g/m2) ± 4% Bursting strength (kgf/cm2) 200 ≥ 3.7 250 ≥ 4.5 300 ≥ 5.2 345 […]